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The course is designed to help learners of English to improve their written skills with a focus on writings related to Academia. We give you the opportunity to implement what you have learned by submitting assigned papers and giving you valuable feedback on how to improve. The objective of the course is not to assist you by correcting your paper but by teaching you how to improve your overall skills that will stay with you long after the course has finished.

Course Content/Contenidos

- Academic writing structures: use of passive voice.

- Normalization, cohesion and coherence.

- Argumentation, paragraphing and punctuation.

- Conclusions and References.

- Written assignments to be submitted by candidates:

  - Letter of introduction.

  - Essay.

  - Report.

  - Proposal.


Beatriz Fernández de Gamboa

Jason Hood

Terrell Montgomery


The aim of the course is to facilitate candidates generating profesional level writings in Key structures in English such as general correspondence, essays, reports and proposals. The course will cover the use and understanding of key grammatical structures to clearly present ideas and or thoughts in the written format such as phrases and types pf clauses as well as simple, compound or complex sentences using discourse markers and punctuation.


Estudiantes matriculados en un Programa de Doctorado en alguna de las 9 universidades del Grupo 9 de Universidades (G-9).




40 euros


Activities and tasks set out by teaching staff: candidates will produce four different writings, each of which will be submitted for revision on two separate occasions; the first time to obtain general corrections and suggestions and a second revision of their edited version once the candidates have applied the original correction criteria.

Evaluación y Acreditación

Online participation and completion of assignments.

El Grupo 9 de Universidades enviará el certificado por correo electrónico a los alumnos que hayan superado las pruebas de evaluación


25 horas

Fecha de inicio / Fecha de fin

16/03/2020 - 11/05/2020


Entry requirement CEFR level B2.

DeZona Language Solutions SLU.